HR Services


A Human Resources (HR) department is a critical component of employee well-being in any business, no matter how small. Human Resources responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with labor code.

Any mix-up concerning these issues can cause major legal problems for your business, as well as major employee dissatisfaction. But small businesses or international representative offices often don’t have the staff or the budget to properly handle the nitty-gritty details of Human Resources. Because of this, more and more small businesses are beginning to outsource their HR needs.

Today, HR outsourcing goes beyond just handling payroll and benefits. Deciding which HR functions to offload and which firm to outsource can be quite a challenge. This buyer’s guide will help you to easily navigate through the process.


What is HR outsourcing through NESS CO?


NESS CO HR outsourcing services have following personnel management plan. The terms are used loosely, so a big tip is to know exactly what the outsourcing firm you are investigating offers, especially when it comes to employee liability.


  • A Professional Employer Organization taking full responsibility of your company’s human resources administration. It becomes a co-employer of your company’s workers by taking full legal responsibility of your employees, including having the final say in hiring, firing, and the amount of money employees make. NESS CO and business owner become partners, essentially, handling all the HR aspects and the business handling all other aspects of the company. By proper definition, our services are only a PEO when it takes legal responsibility of employees.


  • Business Process Outsourcing is a broad term referring to outsourcing in all fields, not just HR. A BPO differentiates itself by either putting in new technology or applying existing technology in a new way to improve a process. Specifically in HR, a BPO would make sure a company’s HR system is supported by the latest technologies, such as self-access and HR data warehousing.

NESS CO services include:


  • Payroll administration: Produce checks, handle taxes, and deal with sick time and vacation time.
  • Employee benefits: Health, Medical, Life etc.
  • HR management: Recruiting, hiring, and firing. Also background interviews, exit interviews, and wage reviews.
  • Risk management: Workers’ compensation, dispute resolution, safety inspection, office policies and handbooks.


Some services are full-service and will provide these as well as additional services like on-call consultants, who will come in to train or even settle a dispute.

Please do a cost comparison of an outsourcing program you are investigating and the average salary and maintenance of an in-house HR director or staff. You might find significant savings either in money, hassle, or both.

Does your business allow you the time to personally deal with legal authorities? A big reason businesses turn to HR services is that they don’t have the time, or expertise, to deal with this. And if you choose to go with us, you can pass the legal responsibility of your employees onto them.

You may also save money. You can usually count on a reduced benefits rate when NESS CO services, because we buy so often from vendors, they usually get a discounted rate that they pass on to you.