6 interesting facts about the Azerbaijani flag


1.  The flag of Azerbaijan twice referred to in the national anthem – in the fifth and fifteenth lines.

2.  According to the rules of the flag of Azerbaijan must be placed on the wall of a building in an upright position without the flagpole or special fasteners attached to the blue color of the flag, if you stand facing him, turned to the left side.

3. ..The eight-pointed star on the flag of Azerbaijan represents the eight letters of the Arabic alphabet countries.

4.  The flag of Azerbaijan must be raised on all foreign vessels when they are within the waters of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

5.  When the first flag of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1918, a sample was taken by the flag of the Ottoman Empire.

6.  On the first flag of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic, proclaimed in 1920, instead of a hammer and sickle were crescent with a star.