Aalborg Carnival


Month: May
Place: Aalborg, Denmark
Famous For: Spring Celebration Carnival
Attractions: Grand Parade, Battle of Carnival Bands and Children’s Carnival.

Aalborg Carnival holds recognition as the largest carnival in Scandinavia and is advertised as the biggest carnival in northern Europe. It’s an annual event observed during the month of May in the city of Aalborg, Denmark. The Aalborg Carnival is a week long event having 3 main carnival events, i.e The Grand Parade, Battle of Carnival Bands and Children’s Carnival. During the week long celebrations, everyone including professional carnival groups, children and others dress up in the costumes of their liking and participate in this extravaganza.

Major Attractions
The Aalborg Carnival traces its origin back in the year 1983 when Kirsti Thorvaldsen, Ebbe Lauridsen, Kaj Steensgard and Bramwell Flyckt founded organized the first carnival in Aalborg. They later went on to establish the association and termed it as Aalborg Carnival. The founders wished to celebrate fantasy and the coming of spring through carnival traditions. For this purpose they started the carnival, where – the city was transformed into a gigantic theater with the citizens as actors, the street as the stage and the body as a dancing sculpture. After the 1987 edition, the Aalborg Carnival went through a dramatic crisis. The organizing committee lacked worked force and started to develop a new model for the carnival. NFU decided to offer their support and to contribute with considerable manpower to the board’s work. Thus, the Carnival Association rose again. The location of carnival was shifted to nearby park Kildeparken in place of Aalborg due to the lack of safety in the center and a substantial decrease in revenues.

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