Creating psychological strengh


Module 4:  Creating psychological strength

(Sales master module)


After passing this module you will be able to switch to the productive mode even when you are in the worst mood. Stress will significantly decrease, your brain will be able to eliminate negative emotions like unrest, trouble, fear, sorrow etc. in a very short period of time (5 to 15 minutes). 


Anti-stress exercise


Fast phobia technique


Negative memories elimination


Fear elimination


Elimination of internal sabotage


Beliefs and values


Changing beliefs


Success wheel


Using ‘anchoring’ technique in order to create a necessary mood


“Framing again” technique


Changing behaviour


SWISH technique and breaking behavior pattern


Working with sale models


Creating strong spiritual condition


Creating an excellent salesman career on the timeline


Programming the brain for the sales through “Perfection circle” technique



Duration:     25 hours – 4 weeks (6 seminars + examination)