Module 1:  Awareness   (Vigilant Salesman module)


After passing this module you will feel a significant change in your attitude to the sales field. You will see the life more distinctively. You will see the problems with sale as an opportunity. Your self-confidence and believe in your skills will increase and you will become more enthusiastic about your life and job.


Personal development


What is NLP?


Brain principle


NLP Rules


Learning Stages 


Truth map


NLP communication model


Presentation systems




Mind, toungue and behavior relationship


Creating difference 


Philosophy and 4 principles of success


Levels of Logic


Conventionalities and acquired helplessness


Subconscious operation rules


Conscious and subconscious




Perceptual positions


‘Wheel of life’ analysis


Target exercise


Duration:     25 hours – 4 weeks (6 seminars + examination)