Sales management


Module 5:  Sales management

(Sales coach module)


After passing this module, you will be able to be a coach for sales personnel and people working at business world as salesmen. Your creativity will grow and you will make more efficient decisions. You will be able to view the leadership in the field of sales from different prisms. You will learn to efficiently manage the sales performance  You will be able to increase your company’s revenues. You will learn planning strategic business steps.  You will precisely establish your targets and control your way to them. Your planning ability will develop.  You will be able to held fruitful meetings, will learn how to manage the time usefully.



Coaching concept


Our time – our investment


Covey matrix


Johari window


Pareto ratio


Decision-making strategies


SWOT analysis


GROW model


EXACT model


Brain storming


6 hat thinking technique


Disney creativity strategy


Marketing plan


Sales and marketing relation


Memory techniques




Presentation skills


Sales letter composition


Advertising texts preparation



Duration:     25 hours – 4 weeks (6 seminars + examination)