History and people


pBBGmOKZY5oSpeaking about the life Azerbaijan for every citizen it is a great pleasure. Everybody who loves his motherland feesl proud talking about the things you have loved from your childhood.

Located in the West of Caucasus Azerbaijan has original climate: there are 8 climate kinds of 9 existing here.

The beautiful places always attract people for rest.

Population of Azerbaijan is approximately 9 million the area is 86.6 thousand  square km.

As in other countries the most populated place of the country is its capital, Baku.

From the beginning of capitalist development in East Baku has a special history.  Located on a bay in the South of the Absheron Peninsula, Baku was founded in ancient times as a fortress and a port protected from the winds and storms of the Caspian Sea. The name “Baku” means the town of winds.

Baku area is believed to be one of the oldest cultural and economical centers of Azerbaijan, and indeed of the entire Middle East. The city first became a political capital during the 12th century, when the Shirvan-Shah dynasty moved his residence to Baku from Shamakhy.  During this time, strong defensive walls were built around the city, along with number of architectural masterpieces that have survived from the 12th century, the Palace of Shirvan-Shahs and the Maiden’s Tower. The famous tower was built in 6th century but the developed later. During rodeos and battles this tower was the most defensive place. That’s why its called Maiden what is clear and untouched as a girl.

PMVpEawwigUAzerbaijan is the world’s oldest oil producing country and since 1850 is a world leader. The first oil derrick in the world was built in 1848. In 1871 it was the first to use a steam engine in oil production. By 1901 it was producing 50% of the worlds oil around 11 million tones per year.


During Soviet time Baku has been one of the most important industrial cities of Soviet Union. For example, during Second World War, two thirds of the oil required for the war effort was produced in Baku.

After reestablishing of republic structure, Azerbaijan Government tries to fit to the developed democracy countries, and gets good knowledge from the experience of their legislation system.

As a young government we have many difficulties as well.

But for the War with Armenia our Country has some political and economical difficulties such as problems of refugees the quantity of which gets approximately more than 1 million. It makes migration and supplement problems the resolution of what is difficult for developing country.




Speaking about typical AZERBAIJANI-AZERIES we can say that it not just Caucasian Character.  Azeri character is the mixture of different kind of influences: Russian, Turkish, Iranian, European and of course  the Caucasian.

What about appearance, the people like be well dressed : in the mind of different people of course.

Azeries like to look like other nationalities as they can adapt to different cultures. They sometimes don’t like to be just Azeries.

We have an interesting history. But sometimes talking about it we don’t know the age of history.




For Azeri people talking about regulation and hebitions  is interesting when they describe the life of other nationalities.  For example: one woman can speak about other any European city and praise the clean streets and fresh air there, but after throw the rubbish in the street of her own city. Men can dislike another sample such as the men talking about the politeness of other nations can then begin shouting and scrabbling in the middle of any party but it can be mentioned about all Caucasian people. The word queue for Azeries is the word of non-grade as they never wait long but punctuality is not of importance tool.

On the whole Azeries are very kind and rancorous, as they can forgive and forgive very quickly. But sometimes it is not good, if you repeat the mistakes done before.




Azeries are very hospitable so You can go to any your relative or friend without ringing him up. And it will be normal if you receive any non expected guest. Azeries like to cook and serve. They try to do the best for their guests.

Typical Azeris never have big money. Owning some money he will buy expensive clothes and cars. He will never consider health and property insurance until he has a problem.

So I don’t know how Allah forgives us with so many failures.