Manager Coaching Service


We aim to help our customers to achieve all their personal and corporative goals in their

professional lives, to improve their working and management skills, and to reorganize their

behavior in the desirable direction in order to become able to be an efficient leader. Our

coaching service provides a brainstorm and a favorable environment for solving their

problems in more efficient way.



There are three levels of learning aimed by the coaching service:


  • Solving a manager’s problems and evaluating opportunities


  • Improvement of leadership skills, as well as thinking and behavior forms according to different roles and situations


  • Acquisition of self-evaluation and analysis skills and habits providing that the learning will continue after the end of the programme.



Withing the scope of these aims and in close cooperation with managers, we are going to do the following:


  • to identify all the necessary behaviors and needed resources for achieving the aimed goals, with all advantages and disadvantages, and to create a development plan


  • to create an awareness of a person of the consisting parts of his or her personality such as values, demands, strengths and weaknesses, beliefs and approaches


  • to provide the training of the strategy necessary for the implementation of the development plan and the achievement of the defined targets


  • to support the establishment of connections, launch of activities and creation of crucial changes contributing to the goals achievement.



We work on helping our customers to learn:


  • making better and more efficient decisions


  •  living and managing according to their own values


  • establishing efficient communication with everybody they come into contact with


  • working in more efficient way with different kinds of people


  • understanding their influence on others and use it


  •  retaining valuable workers in their respective organization


  •  keeping more accurate balance in their professional and personal lives.