Motivation coaching


Motivation coaching is the process meaning that the coach assists and guide

the person who’s provided the coaching service in demonstrating best performance

according to his or her potential, obtaining desired results in the customer’s

personal and professional life. During the coaching process, the customer shall

improve his or her self-knowledge, discovering his or her own potential, getting

stronger in solving everyday motivation problems, and shall learn new ways of

self-motivation through acquiring skills and habits necessary for achieving one’s



Motivation coaching has significant short-term and long-term advantages.



Advantages of coaching process:


  • The coaching process is aimed in the short-term perspective at helping people to solve their motivation problems, and in the long-term perspective at improving people’s self-motivation skills, helping them to achieve goals in their personal and professional lives more efficiently and to be happier.


  • For this purpose, the person provided the coaching service is not only taught the methods and techniques related to self-motivation, but also takes part in special ceminars aimed at the long-term personal development of the respective person.


  • The customer’s self-confidence, self-respect and self-concept improve significantly. Duration of the effect can increase depending on the duration and ‘density’ of the coaching process.


  • The coaching provides aqcuisition and development of a positive self- perception and approach to the life.


  • The persons’ problem-solving abilities, psychological and physical durability significantly increase.


  • Moreover, the coaching process helps overcoming bad mood much more easily.



Who works with Motivation Coach?


  • Everyone who suffers from motivation problems and wants to better solve such problems.


  • Everyone who wants to know better and to develop himself/herself.


  • Everyone who wants to demonstrate best performance according to his or her potential, obtaining desired results in personal and professional life.


  • Everyone wanting to set goals according to his or her personality and step confidently towards these goals.


  • Anyone from any professional group who wants to acquire knowledge, skills and habits in the field of self-motivating and motivating other people.



Thus, motivation coaching is a guidance process keeping a person receiving the

coaching highly-motivated and supporting him or her in achieving any important