Organization Coaching  


Using organization coaching programmes, you can implement long term efficient

changes in your company which will lead to the necessary results.


Organisation coaching programmes are developed for organizations’ development planning

in direction of achieving their main goals. Our aim is to become catalyzer for increasing

productivity and finding out strong sides of our partner organizations.


Our vision includes not only organization reforms and development, but organizational evolution as well.



We believe that there are four elements necessary for absolute development of  any organization:


  • Correct strategic goals


  • Correct tactics


  • Suitable behavior necessary for efficient implementation of strategy and tactics


  • Correct results supporting behavior leading to goals



We cooperate with organizations which we provide coaching services in order to assist them

in achieving their vision and effectively using all the opportunities. Independent on whether

this cooperation covers the whole organization, or one of its functions or teams, we develop

long-term programmes based on the four above-mentioned elements.

The basis of benefit and success of an organization depends on how the company acts in

order to achieve constant growth of its personnel productivity and management efficiency.


We are proud that we support development of strategies and tactics of our partner

companies! But our main contribution is the implementation of some crucial reforms in the

companies that contribute to the effective implementation of their strategies and tactics.



Key points of organization coaching:


  • Effective and long term reformation


  • Efficient use of organizational and personnel potential


  • Internal administrative coaching


  • Determination and elimination of obstacles to organizations’ development


  • Developing vision on the organizations’ main goals and strong sides


  • Improvement of critical functions (sales, production) and teams


  • Moderation and implementation of crucial changes suitable to organizations’ goals


  • Supporting development of tactics in accordance with goals 


  • Improvement of internal self-management and communication management skills


  • Corporate and personal liability, trust


  • Formation of corporate thinking


  • Improvement of internal communication channels and business connections


  • Meeting other demands of partner organizations in reforming and development



We will provide you the best assistance in turning your behavior models into habits and skills!