Relationships Coaching


Relationships Coaching is aimed at betterment of a person’s attitude to himself and

the reflection of this attitude on the social environment. This service provides

reorganization of behavior types of people in their relationships between each other

and with organizations they belong to, as well as relationships between different



The peculiarity of the Relationships Coaching is that it helps a person to choose a

friend or a spouse according to his or her personal values and principles.

Relationship can be considered hearty and happy if responsibilities are of mutual

character and problems are solved in cooperation with each other.




How can you benefit from Relationships Coaching Programme?



•Relationships require permanent attention and care.


•Hearty relationship is a field for mutual attention.


•Relationships quality depends on to what extent both partners are ready to help

each other in improving themselves, and to what extent they are able to grant each

other pleasure.


•The more dedicated and selfless both partners are, the stronger relationship is.


•Relationships Coaching teaches people how to spend time together in a better way

while spending less energy.


•The aim of the Relationships Coaching is establishment and improvement of

healthy relationships in the above-mentioned framework.


•You shall become more sensitive, delighting and loving.


•You will learn to express your feelings and thoughts more freely.



Aim of Relationships Coaching Programme


The aim of the programme is solution of any problems appearing in any

relationships. Although any conflict always involves both sides, the distinctive

feature of the Relationships Coaching is that it applies more to the side that feel

itself more pinched.