Sales coaching


Sales coaching is a process providing a solid ground for emergence of new opportunities and

reforming a seller himself.


Sales coaching includes guiding sellers for as full realization of their potential as it is



This process creates new chances and opportunities for development that haven’t been in

ordinary sellers’ lives before.


Sales coaching creates sales theory into a measureable tactical practice.


Sales training or sales coaching?


Consultant : tells you which game to play in order to win. Determines steps in the game.

Trainer : Teaches you how to play according to the prepared plan

Coach : Teaches you how to win the game and how to collect a lot of points every time.



Coach uses an individual approach to you considering your personality features, knowledge

and skills, professional field, company and manager. Explains you how to solve your

problems independently, helps you in approaching your goals.


Why a seller needs a coacher?


  • Most sellers start working without having relevant training and are not qualified enough. Most companies don’t have enough intellectual resources in order to prepare sellers.


  • In everyday routine sellers don’t find time for professional development.


  • For a number of reasons, sales managers are not able to help sellers in improving their skills.


  • There’s no one in professional life who a seller can speak about his problems and fears with, without risking to be blamed himself.


  • Sellers cannot find anyone to help them in their professional development who understands the field of sales and has knowledge and experience relevant for preparing qualified sellers.