Santiago Cuba Carnival July


Month : July
Place : Santiago de Cuba
Famous For : Traditional Festival
Attractions : Street Musical Parties, Whole city plays music.

The Santiago de Cuba Carnaval is a popular celebration amongst Cuban masses. It”s actually a large public celebration dating at least, in Santiago de Cuba as far back as the 17th century and are common throughout Cuba. However, among Cubans, the Carnaval of Santiago de Cuba enjoys a special status with its popularity and fun frolic moments. In Santiago de Cuba during Carnaval in the month of July, people come out into the streets for a huge musical party.

Major Attractions
The Santiago de Cuba Carnaval traces its origin to be in connection with Africa. But many of the practices and events within carnival culture are deliberately and consciously framed to connect to Africa. This has been a result of over one hundred years of multicultural Cuban history. Carnival has always been an expression of shifting power negotiations among various aspects of Cuban society. The carnival was brought to Cuba by Hispanic colonists – Perez I in the year 1988 and has been the basis for traditional celebrations in Cuba ever since. However, the present has evolved out of the summer festivals formerly referred to as the Fiestas de Mamarrachos.It”s a time when everyone plays music, everyone grabs anything that will make noise and they go out into the streets to play and dance the conga. It is impossible not to be caught up in the frenzy of this infectious music.