Annual events


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Whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter; somewhere people are celebrating with a festival or carnival celebrate each season with wonderful food, music, arts and entertainment.

See something you like?We try to make you participants of Carnivals, Festivals, and Cultural Events giving everybody chance to travel and get invaluable memories of each place . 





All places that celebrate Carnival have generally the same activities, but each Carnival is infused with elements of local culture. During both and night, revelers in the streets listen to music and dance, eat, and drink. Many cities hold balls and masquerades. The main tradition of Carnival includes parades through the city streets. Many cities hold parades with floats, which are enormous, decorated vehicles that can carry dozens of riders, who often wear very elaborate, colorful costumes and masks. Parades usually have themes, which often parody current local political and social problems.


The activities of the Carnival season, developed over centuries from religious and cultural rituals, have become enormously popular in several cities around the world. Large crowds congregate in the streets to enjoy the extravagant parades, rhythm of the music, and colorful costumes. It's an exciting, creative spectacle that no visitor will ever forget.








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